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    If your pet has a medical emergency, please telephone us immediately at 914-279-3868 to schedule an appointment. Our dedicated team of veterinarians and technicians are available around the clock to provide expert care for your pet.


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    September 29, 2014

    15 Odd Facts About Cats

    Cats are intriguing creatures that millions of folks around the world invite into their homes. Like any houseguest, the longer you live with a cat – the more you learn about them. Here are a few facts to keep you ahead of the curve regarding your adorable – and often strange – family pet.

    • Cats have a third eyelid called a “haw”, adding an additional layer of protection.
    • Cats use their tails to maintain balance, almost 10%of their bones are located there.
    • A group of cats is known as a “Kindle.”
    • Cats have a peripheral vision of about 285°.
    • Whiskers are used as sensory devices, and are able to detect airflow and currents as well as determine widths between objects.
    • Cats expose their belly to you as a sign of trust.
    • A cat’s tongue is covered with filiform, an abrasive surface. It acts as a sponge for absorbing liquids, makes a great grooming brush, and is pretty handy when it comes to getting food off of difficult surfaces.
    • Cats are not native to the United States. The first recorded cat in North American traveled across the ocean with the Pilgrims. Now, more than 35,000 kittens are born in the United States each year.
    • A cat’s nose pad is ridged in a unique pattern, just like our fingerprints.
    • A cat’s ear can pivot 180°.
    • Cat’s sweat glands are on their paws.
    • Cats can sleep up to 16 hrs a day.
    • Cats raise their butt into your face as a way to say “hello!” Tail sniffing if common amongst cats.
    • Normal body temperature for a cat is 101.5°F – 102°F.
    • Have you noticed that when birds are outside your cat makes chirping noises? Don’t worry – it’s normal (as normal as cats get anyway)! Cats often use chattering whilst preparing for a hunt.

    Ask your vet if you notice any really strange behaviors and don’t forget to schedule a wellness checkup for furry pal