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    December 26, 2014

    5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

    Everyone loves a puppy, but those of us here at Veterinary Village Animal Hospital agree that senior dogs are just as precious. Forget about the usual woes that come with a new pup; the qualities that make a “good” companion are most often already an established part of a senior dog’s personality. Here are five simple reasons why you should consider senior dog pet adoption.

    1. A senior dog already knows its name.

    Mature dogs know their names, and they tend to listen. You’d be surprised at how helpful transitioning a new pet into the home is when they know who they are and come when they’re called. Who knows! He or she may even have a few hidden tricks – and if not, they’ll pick up new tricks much more quickly than the youngsters.

    1. There’s likely no need to potty train.

    While we’re on the topic of easy transitions, potty training is one of the worst things about getting a puppy. With an older dog, the process is so much easier, if not completely easy. Usually senior dogs have lived with an owner long enough to be house trained. Trust us – your carpet and shoes will thank you.

    1. Walking with a leash comes second nature.

    Have you ever tried walking (more like dragging) a puppy on a leash? Forget it; that will take some time and perhaps several training sessions with our team at Veterinary Village Animal Hospital. A mature dog is most likely skilled in walking on a leash, thus making it simpler to visit the local dog park, go for a walk around the neighborhood and travel.

    1. A senior dog is calm.

    We’ve all seen how worked up young dogs get over the slightest distractions, but that’s not usually the case with mature dogs. The puppy phase has run its course, and they’re rarely running laps around the house. Aging dogs still require healthy exercise, but they definitely won’t go ballistic with excitement every time a noise is made. Oh, and older dogs make the best snuggle buddies.

    1. You’ll feel good; they’ll feel great!

    At animal shelters, senior dogs tend to be the last ones adopted and the first to be euthanized. Adoption is saving a life, and the return on investment is something you and your new dog will benefit from for the rest of their days.

    Are you convinced you’re ready to adopt a senior? Visit the site of our local Animal Welfare League for a list of adoptable pets. To make a vet appointment for your senior dog, give us a call at Veterinary Village Animal Health Center at 914.941.4904.