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    May 26, 2015

    Minimally Invasive Surgery

    Minimally Invasive Surgery

    The Animal Health Center at Veterinary Village has been instrumental in this region, in redefining the role of minimally invasive surgery in veterinary medicine. We utilize the most cutting-edge surgical equipment and groundbreaking methods to provide our clients with the highest quality of medical care. As a result, your pet will experience less pain and scarring, are at less risk of wound infection, have a shorter hospital stay, and an overall quicker recovery as compared to traditional surgery. This is an exciting area of growth in the veterinary industry, especially regarding the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

    In minimally invasive surgeries, endoscopes, c-arms, and other imaging devices allow our surgeons to better view the patient’s organs and structures in order to diagnose, biopsy, and treat their condition while causing minimal injury to your pet. In this case, surgery is performed with a flexible fiber-optic instrument with a light and small viewing camera attached. The surgeon views the projection on a larger screen and the incisions required for this type of surgery are less than 1cm wide, hence the name “minimally invasive”.

    Below are a few types of minimally invasive surgery that our surgeons at Animal Health Center specialize in:

    Laparoscopy is performed when there is a highly potential presence of cysts, adhesions, or infection to the abdomen and pelvic organs.

    Arthroscopy is an orthopedic surgical procedure used to diagnose and treat joint abnormalities, including repairing an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament).   This non-invasive surgery is used to repair damaged cartilage or tendons, remove inflamed tissue, bone, or cartilage, and/or drain excess fluids.

    Thoracoscopy is used to treat conditions within the lung and chest cavity. Treatment may include a biopsy and/or removal of excess fluid or diseased lung tissue to reduce inflammation, infection, and disease.

    Closed Reduction Internal Fixation (CRIF) and Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis (MIPO), surgeries relating to fracture repair. Both are used to reset or repair a fractured bone using a supplemental plate for support. In both cases, there is a much shorter recovery time than traditional open surgery, and the risk of infection, complication rate, and skin grafting is greatly reduced.

    Our goal at Animal Health Center is to ensure the safety, health, and happiness of each of our patients. If you pet was recently diagnosed with an infection or disease, make an appointment today with one of our medical professionals to determine your pet’s eligibility for minimally invasive surgery.   Our goal at Animal Health Center is to ensure the safety, health, and happiness of each of our patients.